Knock On Wood Construction, Inc.    
Our custom cabinet services begin with the design process. We work through ideas to make your home truly
that, your home with custom results.   
With one initial visit to your home, an initial design can be developed, and from there the complete project
will begin to take shape.  

After all the real work happens, this is when our fun starts!  We say fun because the boss, Chris McCann, has
a passion for building and creating cabinetry and woodwork. Through decades of experience and exposure to
so many projects, his eye for quality and a great design is well regarded.

We know there are many options for you to procure cabinetry, but we also know our installation service is
second to none!  If you have purchased cabinetry and need it installed, please send us a set of drawings and
we can discuss the options.  We can also arrange a design session with our local cabinet dealer.

Send an email, or call, so we can discuss your project.